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How did you meet your Significant Other? Ep 3

How, when and where did you meet your significant other? What was your state of mind before you meet “the one” for you?

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What was your Hometown? Ep 2

We discuss our hometown and we would like to know about your hometown. What was your hometown? Did your hometown affect your life in any way? Did you stay in your hometown or move away? What is your hometown like now?

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Do you say bad words when you drive? Ep 1

  Welcome Welcome to the Ride Along with Jeff and Colleen Podcast! This is episode 1. We discuss our podcasting past (OUAT, Lost, etc) and what the premise is for RAWJAC. Our Previous Podcasting Past, Once Upon a Time Colleen and I were ardent watchers of ABC TV’s “Lost,” and we would enjoy sitting on…

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