Month: May 2020

Grandma Josephine, a Tribute – Ep. 55

Grandma Josephine left this world on 1/24/2017. Jeff and Colleen tell fun and touching stories about Grandma Josephine. Email us > All episodes > > >

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Getting Real – Anxiety – Ep. 54

Jeff discusses what is took to to discover the difficulty that has affected him for most of his life and plans a way out. (Recorded 11/02/2019) Email us > All episodes > > >

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Costco is Listening – Ep. 53

Jeff and Colleen discuss their experience with heat. The weather kind. How hot Orange County, CA can get (besides what people lead you to believe). Looking at life as to what is important. We talk a bit about our previous ‘Once Upon a Time’ podcast, and the difference it is with this podcast. Oh, and…

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