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You may remember him from the “Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast,” or “RoneyZone Radio” or you may still be wondering who he is. Many still do. 🙂

Jeff is a Star Wars fan, Ear Wiggler, College Grad, Married Guy who decided to record his conversations with his wife while she drove and make a podcast about it.


Other Host

Colleen is the other half of ‘Jeff and Colleen’, some would say the better half (Even Jeff would say that).

Colleen is well read, well traveled and brings her fun take on things.

About Our Podcast

If you were a listener of the “Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast,” this is similar to that (without OUAT discussions). 

If you are new to listening to Jeff and Colleen, their goal is to build rapport throughout the internet by discussing topics and answering questions we all wonder about.

The way this podcast works is that Jeff and Colleen discuss the topic or answer the question first, ten turn it over to you for your input.