Month: June 2021

Cruella Movie Review – Ep. 123

Jeff reviews the new Disney movie, Cruella. He watched it without Colleen. Thoughts and Prayers for Jeff.

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Can You Make Money Gambling? – Ep. 122

Jeff and Colleen tell their stories about their experiences with gambling. Did they make money? Listen and find out. poker night red dog bluffing with your hand When do you leave? Is there a time limit? Can you leave when you win? Video poker Setting a money limit and sticking to it Pitching pennines Playing…

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How to Get a Job in Hollywood – Ep. 121

Jeff tells the story of how to get a job in Hollywood. Note: This is not a guarantee. These are my thoughts and suggestions. How to Get a Job in Hollywood Prep a Rainy Day Fund Live for the future, not the present. Set aside money into an account that grows (Ally, etc). Add money…

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