Jeff and Colleen discuss the best and worst of Camping. Recorded on 11/23/2019

It seems the more people move to the suburbs or the city that people become more interested in getting ‘back to nature’.

For instance, eating farm fresh food, nature hiking, etc

The call, “Let’s go back to nature”

When Jeff would go camping as a kid, he would search with a fine toothed comb for where to put the tent or his sleeping bag directly over a rock.

Another interesting fact is that when Jeff went camping as a kid, he just went – Jeff now has to take allergy meds and other things you wouldn’t consider as a kid.

Camping isn’t just a fun trip with some snacks for a day or two – it is a major move; food, clothes, etc.

Colleen’s parents camp in a hotel room. Jeff can get onboard with that.

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