Jeff and Colleen tell some crazy mattress stories and discuss which mattress and how they should buy one in the future. In your opinion, what is the best mattress to buy?

How to pick a new mattress?

Lay on them or trust a computer program at a mattress store to pick one for you?

Jeff used to sleep on a water bed. Short story – good for the hot summer, REALLY COLD in the winter.

Jeff’s awful story about sleeping on a Sleep Number Bed in New Mexico (The place where they fly hot air balloons). Jeff may or may not have rather slept on a hot air balloon than that Sleep Number Bed in New Mexico.

How a local mattress store chain tried to convince us that their computer program who choose a mattress for you. Lame.

Is buying a Bed in a Box a good idea?

The virus ruined Jeff’s laying on a full-sized mattress and box springs at Costco.

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