Month: September 2021

Are Solar Panels Worth it? Ep. 135

Jeff and Colleen discuss the crazy story of how they tried to get solar panels on their house in Southern California. Recorded 09/24/2020.

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The Key to Weight Loss Success – Ep. 134

Jeff discusses the key to weight loss success he discovered as he journeyed from being pre-diabetic to being healthy and non-diabetic. On 5/4/2016 I weighed 350ish pounds and was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I looked into Gastric Bypass surgery, but I decided against it. I did Atkins for a while, then I discovered the Ketogenic diet….

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What is the Best Mattress? Ep. 133

Jeff and Colleen tell some crazy mattress stories and discuss which mattress and how they should buy one in the future. In your opinion, what is the best mattress to buy? How to pick a new mattress? Lay on them or trust a computer program at a mattress store to pick one for you? Jeff…

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