Do you remember Mr. Six Flags and the Vengaboys? – Ep. 145

Jeff and Colleen discuss Jeff’s obsession with Mr. Six Flags and the catchy Vengaboys song, “We Like To Party”. Vengaboys – We Like to Party (The Vengabus) Mr. Six – We Like to Party Original Six Flags Commercial – Mr. Six – It’s Playtime Six Flags – SNL skit

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Some Things That Technology Made Obsolete – Ep. 144

Jeff and Colleen discuss things that are now obsolete, but we used to struggle with. We let our Grumpy Old Person flag fly.

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Why is British English is full of silly-sounding words? Ep. 143

Maybe it was because of the Boston Tea Party, but the British folks have so many weird words that they use instead of the regular words that Americans use. I don’t get it. Pound – StonePound – DollarFortnight (not the game) – 2 weeksBathroom – The looHood – the bonnetTrunk – the bootDachshund – SausageFrench…

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