In this episode, we discuss the war between Movies in the theater and TV Shows.

We discuss;




Must-see TV Shows in the 70s

Note: We are heartbroken to report that Lady went to the Rainbow Bridge on 10/5/19. Episode 9 (Estimated to be released on 10/17/19) will be dedicated to Lady. We recorded many RAWJAC episodes in a bulk fashion. Because of that, there will be future RAWJAC episodes that we recorded on our way to the Vet (Prior to and on 10/5/19), and in some of those we will mention that Lady is in the car, and you may hear her whine excitedly as we near the Vet’s office (She really liked going to the Vet. I don’t think it was the shots and getting blood drawn, but it was all the friends she made there, giving her scritches and belly rubs). Lady was quite a dog. Everybody loved her, especially us. We will always miss her.

2 comments on “Movies vs. TV Shows – What are Best? Ep 8

  1. Charla says:

    How about television movies based on books, ala Outlander? I enjoy both genres but will wait to watch a movie on my TV because I am cheap, make my own popcorn, and who doesn’t love the pause button. Plus, I KNOW my bathroom is clean.

    1. ridealongpod says:

      You are right. I do like the ‘reserve my own seat’ at the theater, though.

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