Welcome to the Ride Along with Jeff and Colleen Podcast! This is episode 1.

We discuss our podcasting past (OUAT, Lost, etc) and what the premise is for RAWJAC.

Our Previous Podcasting Past, Once Upon a Time

Colleen and I were ardent watchers of ABC TV’s “Lost,” and we would enjoy sitting on our front room couch after each episode and discussing each twist and turn of the storyline.


Years later, when we heard the Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis were show-running a fun, twisted fairy tale show called “Once Upon a Time” on ABC, we were intrigued. 

As we did with Lost, we continued our “after show” discussions on our couch, and the discussions were so interesting, I asked her if she would like to co-host, she said yes, and in 2010 the “Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast” was born.

The Birth of Ride Along w/ Jeff and Colleen Podcast

Jeff and Colleen have a weekly task of going shopping and there have been many times that they have said, “We should be recording these conversations in the car for a podcast,” well, in August of 2019, it began.

The Audio Setup

It definitely is unorthodox in the norms of podcasting, but Jeff and Colleen record in the car, while they do their weekend running around. Colleen drives, Jeff has control of the recording device. Jeff removes most of the car driving sounds in the background, but leaves some to give the listener the audible sense that they are ‘Riding Along w/ Jeff and Colleen’.

The Podcast Setup

Jeff brings up questions and topics that will facilitate people getting to know each other. Some will be funny, thought provoking, nostalgic, and emotionally revealing.

The First part of the podcast is when Jeff and Colleen discuss the topic or question,

The Second part of the podcast is when you, the listener add your thoughts on the Social Media post or Email.


Our questions

Do you say bad words when you drive? If not, how do you not?

Driving in traffic is always a tough situation to keep your cool. Most people (even your saintly Grandma) probably let a few ‘naughty words’ go here and there when other drivers drive too slow, cut you off, etc. 

Do you say bad words when you drive?

How do you handle your temper and your mouth when you drive in traffic? Listen to the episode to our answers and let us know your answer.

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One More Thing

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