Jeff and Colleen discuss foods they don’t like. What about you?

Foods (and condiments) that we really don’t like very much

Even foods that you used to not like and like now


As a younger person, Colleen wouldn’t eat:
Brussel Sprouts
Peas – Unliked on a HIGH level

On the flip side, she would eat:
Green beans – IF they were in a can

Colleen has grown to apreciate;
Brussel Sprouts

Colleen’s rules about food:
Colleen will not eat things that – could have licked her – (No tongue)
Colleen will not eat things that – could have thought about her – (No brains). Colleen has proven that she is NOT a zombie, for sure.
Colleen will not eat things that – could have touched her – (No frog legs, pig’s feet, chicken feet)

No Rocky Mountain Oysters. Google it.

Blue Ribbon Winner of what she doesn’t like the most – Mayonaise. Colleen says F– off with Mayonaise (Thanks the Try Channel).

Colleen’s tuna salad sandwich recipe without Mayo:
Gluten-free bread. Nice toasty bread
Italian dressing
Red Bell Peppers


Did not enjoy Brussel Sprouts or Brocolli when he was growing up

Jeff is not a fan of Califlour, except if it’s in the crust of a Keto pizza.

No Okra. It is gross. Thye should feed it to captured spies instead of waterboarding them to get information out of them.

Tradionally prepared Chinese food. If the cooked Duck, Chicken or Fish looks like they did when they were alive – when they are cooked and served – Jeff does not like that.

Jeff is NOT a fan of Sushi. Jeff believe that food and fire go together.

No weird food in a Survivor challenge.

If Jeff was on a deserted island (without an Outback Steakhouse), he would build a boat to sail and find an Outback to get some good food.

Jeff would have difficulty traveling to other countries and not eating food that he is used to.

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