Jeff and Colleen discuss their Investment Journey (so far). Note: We are NOT Financial Advisors. We are merely sharing our thoughts and opinions on the steps we have taken in regards to investing.

We discuss;

Jeff discovering very late in life how important saving and investing for his future was,

Colleen asking their tax professional how to set up her 401K plan,

Colleen began using the iPhone app, Acorns,

The shift in mindset from Employee/Brick and Mortar (low interest) savings account to Investor,

Jeff mentioned he read Robert T. Kiyosaki’ s book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” to nudge him to the mindset change,

Jeff mentioned the youtube videos he watched to began his research into Investing;

Investing with Rose,

Our Rich Journey (TW @ourrichjourney), and many others

Jeff mentioned he started using Fidelity Investments brokerage site because of his company’s stock account was set up there.

Jeff mentioned that he started using Robinhood, (singular stock investment app), as well as Betterment (a robo-advisor app) iPhone apps.

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