Jeff and Colleen discuss memories of their trips to Walt Disney World.

Our trips (as a married couple) were on 2003, 2005 and 2007

Colleen visited WDW as a younger person.

Jeff visited in the late 80’s. He stayed in the Contemporary Resort

WDW memories
Magic Kingdom is alot going back in a wayback machine to Disneyland;
People Mover
Carousel of Progress
Country Bear Jamboree

Cinderella castle is HUGE
Disneylan’s Sleeping Beauty is awesome, but not as big.

We ate at Cinderella’s Castle when we visited. Cinderella gave me her number. I kept telling her I was married, but my charms have a strong effect on Princesses, I guess.

WDW is like the Disneyland Resort that is stretched out in all directions

WDW also has variations of rides that you may be used to at Disneyland;
Pirates of the Caribbean
Jungle Cruise
Enchanted Tiki Room

Jeff likes Epcot, but didn’t wanted to learn all the time. He just wants to have fun.
Body Wars
Universe of Energy

Colleen liked eating in the different country sections. Jeff always joked that a single person could pick up dates at Epcot, but they would have to speak multiple languages.

WDW Resort means you will need to walk – ALOT!

Jeff remembers eating once at Epcot and it was so expensive, we bought sandwich fixins (Peanut Butter, Bologna, etc) for the rest of the vacation.

Jeff’s friend and family got cheap beer at Pleasure Island and Jeff went to go see Goodfellas. Jeff was not tired the next day, but Jeff’s friends were.

Jeff and Colleen really enjoyed the Disney meal plan – once they learned how to game the system. Ask the restaurant servers – they will help you.

2007 was the perfect trip to WDW. We were is shape, we gamed the Disney meal plan, it was great. The only issue was it was very cold!

One of the trips we changed hotels because it had less bus stops. Waiting for buses (unless you stay on the inside monorail loop) is what you get mostly at Walt Disney World.

Be sure you don’t schedule your trip during the cheerleader competition at WDW (unless you like loud cheers all the time on your plane ride).

Stay on property or off property.

If you stay on property, Disney takes care of you, except for waiting for a bus…

To save money, you can stay at one of the All Star resorts, you will save money, but you will wait for the bus a lot, too.

During our next trip, we will be staying at a hotel with its own bus route.

We loved Pleaseure Island;
Adventurer’s Clob

We saw La Noueba (Cirque Du Soliel)

We visited Disney Quest (when it was still there)

We ate at Gloria Estaphan’s Cuban restaurant.

My first trip to WDW was with my Grandma Josephine. She was going to a moving company convention, but I was there for WDW. We stayed at the Contemporary Resort. It was awesome.

I saw the Electrical Parade on the water. So cool.

Every time we visted WDW, we got smarter and made adjusted for a better trip.

When we flew home on 2007, Colleen realized that she worked one of the companies (New Century Mortgage) in the middle of the 2008 recession.

Live it up! Live today, today!

Jeff learned that his feet swelled up in the Florida.

Have the best time. Document and take as many pictures as you can to remember all you do.

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