Jeff and Colleen ask What kind of fan are you? Jeff and Colleen discuss the different levels of fandom and if they are good for fandom.

Colleen wants to be Jeff and wants Jeff to be her. You’ll have to listen to find out.

Trader Joe’s Podcast?

Trader Joe’s has a podcast. Not as good as RAWJAC, or course.

How fandom groups happen

Jeff feels that people innately gravitate to people that are the same, or have similar interests

3 Levels of fandom:

Low-level fan. They like the movie, band, religion, etc.

Mid-Level fan. They like the movie, band, religion, etc, and know more information on these things.

High-Level fan. Mid-Level fan. They like the movie, band, religion, etc, know more information on these things and know more than most things about these things AND may even collect things involved with these things.

Jeff’s fandom, more defined

Jeff is a Star Wars fan, but not to the degree that he knows the name of the Wolfman in the Mos Eisley cantina.

Collecting in fandom

Jeff and Colleen don’t have the collector gene.

The Problem with Uber fans in Fandom

Believers (or fans) of these things try to put themselves in a higher belief or fandom level but owning more things, attending more events or knowing more

Internal “rules” that some believers or fans have within a group try to enforce with others in the group. “*We* don’t watch R-Rated movies…” some would say. Jeff would respond, “That’s good for you, but not for me.”

Some of these internal rules that some try to enforce on others break fandom groups into schisms, which (to Jeff) works against the positive aspects of a fandom group.

What about you, dear listener?

Are you a fan? Do you find yourself experience the ‘uber fans’ trying to make you feel like less of a fan?

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